The horizon of the A17


A few views from the A17, a fascinating if dangerous road. Earlier this year I wrote about a bit of roadside castellation in Lincolnshire. Taken at the end of a subsequent roadtrip, these views are quick snaps from a couple of roadside lay-bys along this road. I’m very interested in how architecture in a rural context can emphasise the flatness or nearly-flatness of a landscape. A complete opposite of the meaningless cul-de-sac-ia of contemporary rural housing developments, I love how these two rows of council houses are arrow straight both in plan and along the horizon


One thought on “The horizon of the A17

  1. Ribbon development, hated by planners who like the cul-de-sacs with all the services in a tidy heap and few of the houses relating to the landscape or with appropriate solar orientation, is a natural way to build. Following a stream, a valley, a road. Linear communities can share views and contribute to the landscape, in this case emphasizing the flatness of the fens. But, makes it hard for the planner to define the village envelope if the village is long and thin. The envelope probably cuts one of those houses in half…

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