Shift – now live on Kickstarter



Yesterday we (Carys O’Brien, Stephen Jarvis and myself) launched a call for funding on Kickstarter. The project – Shift: new photography in the Norfolk landscape – will run through the summer and provide the framework for us to prepare a new body of work and present an exhibition of new photography during the Festival of Architecture in Norwich & Norfolk.

You can read all about our respective interests on the Kickstarter page, but the above image by Carys will give you a small hint of what she’s interested in. Stephen also has an eye for concrete, but of a more defensive nature. You may already have read my post on Combine Architecture from April entitled Gaz Bar Blues. The work outlined in that post will be developed as an academic paper at the Visualising the Rural conference at the University of Cumbria later this week, and that will in turn inform a bit of writing in the exhibition catalogue.

If you’d like to pledge something to enable this collective project, please visit the Kickstarter page and read about the various tiers of rewards we will offer our backers. Everyone who pledges something will be invited to attend the private view of the exhibition on Thursday 17 October. Thanks for your support!


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